Call for Applications for Academic Institutions Applying as Host Institutions in the In-Country /In-Region Scholarship Programme

The programme aims at fostering strong, internationally oriented higher education systems in Southern Africa with the capacity to contribute to sustainable development. To this end, scholarships are granted for development-related Master or doctoral studies for individuals who plan to pursue a career in teaching and / or research at a higher education institution in Southern Africa.

Scholarships are awarded generally only for selected (post)graduate programmes at host institutions that are affiliated with the programme. These will receive a maximum quota of scholarships (both In-Country and In-Region with an emphasis on In-Region scholarships) for (post)graduates programmes or individual doctorates. This call for applications is therefore aimed at Southern African higher education institutions wishing to participate as host institutions in the programme.


Southern African universities, research institutes and (research) networks that offer high quality Master programmes, doctoral programmes, or individual doctorates which are geared towards capacity building of teaching and research staff. Part-time programmes cannot be funded within this programme. Applying networks need to define and provide detailed information on all member institutions where scholarship holders will be admitted (generally at least three). The application may only be submitted for (post)graduate programmes that have been accredited. All applying institutions need to prove that at least one intake of the respective study or research programmes has graduated successfully.

The offered Master programmes, doctoral programmes, or individual doctorates need to focus on subject areas with strong relevance to national development (including the applied social sciences, environmental and other special areas of law but excluding the fine arts).