ARE 6th Investment Forum Energy Access


Alliance for Rural Electrification 6th Energy Access Investment Forum


Lusaka, Zambia




The Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) will hold the 6th ARE Energy Access Investment Forum (EAIF) in Lusaka, Zambia on 18 and 19 March 2020.

EAIF is a well-established political exchange and business event organized by ARE with local and regional partners – aimed at assisting the private and public sector to get up to speed on the latest developments in the off-grid sector and do business.

The Forum offers the opportunity:

  • for companies to showcase their innovative off-grid solutions, products and services to investors and partners;
  • for key public sector players to present their upcoming funding and de-risking programs and policy initiatives;
  • to find business partners and advance projects through a B2B matchmaking session;
  • to discuss major sector trends and topics in the off-grid energy markets in Africa, where 95% of the rural population have no access to modern energy services;
  • and to add experience and proposals to the international dialogue for cooperation.

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