Webinar on Powering Humanitarian Health Operations: Sustainable Energy Solutions


Powering Humanitarian Health Operations: Sustainable Energy Solutions


13 May 2020


2.30 pm CEST

This webinar will shed light on why access to reliable energy is pertinent for powering health facilities in humanitarian settings, especially in the current COVID context. Presentations from Sustainable Energy for ALL and Médecins Sans Frontières will discuss the importance and options for achieving reliable energy access along with an example of renewable energy system implementation in health clinics. A renewable energy system specialist will then provide practical guidance for enabling reliable energy supply to build the resilience of health systems.

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  • Inaki Goicolea, MSF Spain – Iñaki Goicolea is an Electrical Engineer specialized in the humanitarian aid world. Iñaki has worked with MSF for several years in the field all around the globe (CAR, Congo, Iraq, South Sudan, Paraguay, India, Niger, Sierra Leone …) as technical advisor and then as Logistics Coordinator. In the last 2 years he has been working at MSF’s headquarter office in Barcelona overseeing several energy projects; such as off-grid photovoltaic systems in geographically remote areas.
  • Talal Kanaan, Independent Renewables Specialist – Talal is an independent renewable energy specialist. He advises various UN agencies and development organizations on the transition to renewable energy, with a particular focus on humanitarian operations and health systems. Talal has a Master in Engineering from the University of Toronto focusing on energy systems, and a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Nottingham.
  • Luc Severi, Sustainable Energy for All – Luc Severi is a Senior Energy Access Specialist at Sustainable Energy for All, focusing primarily on the energy access gap in the health sector and the humanitarian sector. Luc holds a Master’s in Commercial Engineering from KULeuven and an MSc Development Management from the London School of Economics. Prior to starting his current position, Luc worked in Mozambique, Senegal, and Liberia, for several international NGOs and social enterprises, including SolarNow and Save the Children International, as well as for the UN Foundation. Throughout his career, Luc has been an active participant in the green & circular economy, working primarily with renewable energy solutions for off-grid and rural households, schools, and health centers.