The partnership is growing!

The TEA-LP is excited to announce that the partnership is growing. In the next phase, UCT will be coordinating the development of a ‘standard’ energy access course that can be taken up and utilized by other universities.

The course will be multidisciplinary and include a wide range of relevant topics such as technologies, policy, business models, gender and socio- economic aspects of energy use. The course will also aim to inculcate appropriate soft skills through active, student-centred teaching-learning-and-assessment methods.

The course will be modular, enabling flexibility so that universities can choose and adapt modules to suit their local context, and the number of credits and/or student hours they need. This modular course structure will also enable institutions to create versions for different target groups, e.g. professional development courses for working professionals, or block offerings for part-time students.

Once the course has been developed, UCT will issue a call for proposals to universities wishing to take-up and implement the new course. Four universities will be competitively selected to receive financial as well as technical support to implement the new course successfully. This project will start in 2021 and we will keep you updated.