Growing the network together with CESET

In June, members of the Transforming Energy Access Learning Partnership (TEA-LP) team met with representatives from CESET to discuss a possible collaboration with the CESET project and particularly, the Regional Energy Learning Alliance.

Community Energy Systems and Sustainable Energy Transitions in Ethiopia, Malawi and Mozambique (CESET) is a three-year research programme exploring how communities can support just energy transitions in East Africa, particularly Ethiopia, Malawi and Mozambique. The project focuses on diversity: diversity of models of community energy and diversity of communities that engage in renewable energy projects. We believe that the strength of community energy lies in such diversity and adaptability. Diversity and adaptability are precisely what is needed to support the deployment of off grid energy technologies (solar, wind, hydro, biogas) in a variety of social and geographical contexts.

The project also aims to build a Regional Energy Learning Alliance (RELA), an international network bringing together researchers, policy-makers, communities, industry partners and practitioners to address the practical challenges of energy access in East Africa and beyond. RELA will host yearly events and online seminars to explore Africa’s energy futures and the role community energy can play within those.

The CESET and TEA-LP team discussed the potential of working together towards maintaining and growing the network; building durable south-south partnership and the possibility of organizing an initial conference in Malawi in 2022.