TEA-LP Work Package 1 aims to provide local graduates with the high-level knowledge, skills and competencies to contribute effectively to the sustainable delivery of clean energy access in their countries. Work Package 1  supports 30 partner universities across Africa, South Asia and the Indo-Pacific to deliver Masters programmes focused on clean energy access.

By 2022, 7 of our partner universities launched new Masters’ programmes and over 90 post-graduate students were enrolled in Masters’ studies focused on clean energy access. 

In 2023, TEA-LP signed awards with 23 new partner universities to include newly designed Masters’ level energy access courses in their existing Masters’ programmes. Each course (approximately 160-hour component of a masters’ programme)  includes a variety of aspects such as technology, policy, business models and socio-economic aspects of energy access, using a case study approach, and highlighting best examples of global/regional solutions as well as national/local solutions.

Work Package 1  continues to provide financial support as well as curriculum support to our partner universities. This includes facilitating guest lectures by expert practitioners and trainings by  companies in the  energy sector. Additional support includes encouraging linkages between partners, providing opportunities for staff and students to engage in global clean energy events, and helping to secure scholarships for prospective students.

The following map shows the locations of the 30 partner universities: