Webinar on Women as Key Players in the Decentralised Renewable Energy Sector: Beneficiaries, Leaders, Innovators


08 March 2023


04:30 PM in Dubai

Webinar on Women as Key Players in the Decentralized Renewable Energy Sector: Beneficiaries, Leaders, Innovators, 08 March 2023

Women play a vital role in decentralized renewable energy (DRE) solutions and their involvement and empowerment in this sector can bring numerous benefits to both individuals and communities. Women’s involvement is still often limited by gender-specific barriers such as lack of access to finance, limited knowledge and skills, and cultural attitudes that restrict their participation in certain areas. It is crucial to address these barriers to increase women’s involvement in DRE solutions and to ensure that the benefits of clean energy reach all members of society.

This  webinar aims to increase awareness of the role of women in decentralized renewable energy and explore ways to increase their involvement in the industry.  Through the webinar ways to tailor technological innovation in support of broadening women’s access to renewable energy will be considered.

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