The Global Distributors Collective Innovation Challenge is a unique challenge that crowdsources innovations from members, helps pilot the best ideas, and supports the broader last mile distribution community to replicate and learn from those innovations.

The response of last mile distributors to the global COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated their determination and ability to adapt, even in the greatest adversity. This isn’t the last challenge the sector will face, but it demonstrates the importance of building last mile distributors’ resilience in order for them to thrive. The GDC’s new Innovation Challenge therefore aims to support innovative ideas that increase the ability of last mile distributors to respond to shocks.

Innovation means different things. It could mean developing an entirely new idea, or it could mean applying a proven idea to a new sector or geography. When it comes to your submissions, we welcome you to think outside the box! Try to consider how an extreme event like the COVID-19 crisis has triggered you to rethink business operations and come up with solutions that do not just provide short-term relief, but potentially strengthen your operations and your impact in the long run.

Up to four ideas will be selected, and will each receive:

  • Up to £50,000 in funding to pilot the innovation
  • Expert technical assistance to support implementation
  • Connections to key stakeholders who could help make your idea an even bigger success
  • Profile and support to disseminate learnings and insights across the sector following implementation

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