The Transforming Energy Access – Learning Partnership (TEA-LP) is a partnership of African, South Asian and Indo-Pacific universities and other stakeholders, committed to ensuring a highly qualified workforce to drive the transition to sustainable energy access for all. Our university partners aim to deliver innovative and relevant, Masters’ level courses and our CPD courses aim to support professionals  already working in the energy sector. In addition, TEA-LP is building a network of southern expertise.

About TEA-LP

TEA-LP is delivered through three complementary work packages that:

  1. Support universities in delivering new and improved curricula that prepare Masters’ graduates to achieve energy access targets in their respective countries and beyond;
  2. Support the growth of the sector through the design and implementation of new CPD courses;
  3. Significantly expand its networking function in response to the urgent need for improved Southern visibility and recognition in the energy access sector space.

Through the above, the TEA-LP is expanding its networking function for universities, their students and other relevant stakeholders to jointly address the energy access challenge.

TEA-LP is part of the Transforming Energy Access platform, a research and innovation platform supporting the technologies, business models and skills needed to enable an inclusive clean energy transition.

Our Projects

Learn more about the impactful projects that we are currently involved in:

Capacity Building for Master’s Students

Here TEA-LP aims to provide local graduates with the high-level knowledge, skills and competencies to contribute effectively to the sustainable delivery of clean energy access in the Southern Africa, East Africa, West Africa, South Asia, and Indo-Pacific regions.

Our Partner Universities are committed to offering innovative postgraduate curricula focused on renewable off-grid energy, providing Masters’ students with the opportunity to develop skills and expertise needed to advance the sustainable energy transition.

Find out more here.

Capacity Building for Professionals

This work package supports the growth of the sector and addresses the needs of companies and professionals to access industry-leading training through the design of 3 Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses. The courses will be designed, drawing on expertise from partners, external training providers, industry, and universities. Each of the CPD courses will include a focus on end-user appropriateness and highlight the importance of their embeddedness in the local context.

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Network of Southern Expertise

This work package provides more dedicated resources to support and grow the TEA-LP network and contribute to furthering the ecosystem of Southern expertise. There is particular emphasis on increasing the size of the TEA-LP network of institutions, cultivating beneficial collaborations, provide ongoing support to network partners, implement a strong communications strategy, and broaden the scope of partnership activities.

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Sphere of Influence

TEA-LP’s network currently exists in Southern Africa, East Africa, West Africa, South Asia, and Indo-Pacific

Take a look at our partner universities on the map below. You can click on the numbered hotspots to find out more about each university.

  1. Southern Africa
  2. East Africa
  3. West Africa
  4. South Asia
  5. Indo-Pacific

Our Funder

The TEA-LP is one of 8 projects funded by UK Aid under the Transforming Energy Access (TEA) platform. For more information on the TEA visit their website.