This work package addresses the needs of companies and professionals in the sector to access training. The work package will support growth of the sector through 3 Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses. The courses will be designed, drawing on expertise from partners, external training providers, industry, and universities. Each of the CPD courses will include a focus on end-user appropriateness and highlight the importance of their embeddedness in the local context. UCT will provide an academic ‘home’ and the required certification of the CPD courses. The CPD courses will be offered online which will make them accessible for candidates from Africa South Asia and the Indo Pacific region. This includes the:

  • CPD course, Integrated Energy Systems, focuses on Energy Security, Whole Systems Thinking in the context of the energy sector, Sustainability, and Energy Efficiency to equip professionals with a holistic understanding of the intricate facets of modern-day energy systems.
  • Future Female Leaders in Energy course, in collaboration with the Africa Management Institute. This course aims to prepare junior-level women in the energy sector in Africa to take on positions of leadership and management, while gaining a high-level overview of the sector.

We are currently running these two CPD courses: