Recruitment of Candidates is ongoing for the first cohort of innovators for the InnovACTION Fellowship programme, which will run from September – December 2020.

The InnovACTION Post-COVID Readiness Program is a 4-month program for innovators and entrepreneurs in Africa to support the development, deployment and diffusion of home-grown innovations. It offers African entrepreneurs and innovators the much-needed support in accelerating their products/services, ameliorating existing technologies and redesigning business models for the post-COVID-19 period.

The InnovACTION Program provides existing African entrepreneurs and innovators with an opportunity to re-think their products and technologies in readiness for the post-COVID-19 market environment.

The program is offered by  experienced, passionate and committed Global Network of Innovation Experts for Africa. The diverse backgrounds of instructors, mentors and coaches ensures that participants receive a multi-level and multi-disciplinary support for innovation development.

The Program is open to all young innovators and entrepreneurs with proven record of working on existing projects in several sectors including  Environmental Technologies (CleanTech), Solar and other forms of renewable energy, Energy Efficiency and/or Waste Management.

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