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Deadline for submission of proposals:

30 October 2020

EnAccess is seeking proposals for innovations and solutions that enhance the socio-economic impact of energy access solutions in Tanzania.

While productive uses of energy demonstrations are emerging, there have been limited examples of commercial energy access deployments that are designed with a livelihood’s theory of change at their core. We would like to see pilot concepts and/or ideas that have the potential to demonstrate a novel livelihood-based energy access business model. This includes building and testing the prototypes that are beyond the exploratory stage and are ready for market validation.

EnAccess aims to create significant learning for the entire energy access community with a livelihood perspective by creating open-source solutions. They invite applications from start-ups and established companies, non-profits, individual innovators, investors, and researchers. Organizations should have a minimum of 1-2 years of business operations.

Listed below are some conceptual ideas to assist applicants. These examples should not be interpreted as a preferred list of solutions.

  • Converting informal, diesel-based mini-grids to solar PV: Can we democratize the solar mini-grid sector, by providing micro-entrepreneurs a “mini-grid in a box”?
  • Electrifying diesel-based mills: Creating business models for energy efficient solar PV-based mills Vs old mills retrofitted with new technology? Can old mills be retrofitted with new technology, or does replacement make more sense?
  • Low Cost energy efficient cooling room for milk chillers- Design and testing of low-cost energy efficient cooling room for milk chillers and its impact in improving income for pastoral / dairy farmers?

Submissions are due by 30 October 2020 but submitting earlier will be an advantage, as they plan to select and distribute funding on a rolling basis.

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