The latest update on TEA-LP programmes – MUBAS MSc is GO!
Faculty members for the Faculty of Engineering, hosting the all new MSc in Sustainable Energy which officially launched this week (06 December 2021)

10 Dec 2021 – Our TEA-LP Partner Universities continue on their journeys to provide high-quality postgraduate education for Africa’s SDG-7 future – and the big news this week is that the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences welcomed more than 20 new students to their new programme!

MUBAS MSc programme underway

The new students at MUBAS (senior staff members seated in front)

Following last month’s announcement – and the launch of the MSc programmes at Moi and UniPort – we are delighted to announce the latest TEA-LP funded programme to go live – the MSc in Sustainable Energy at the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences.

The programme was officially launched, and welcomed its first cohort of students, on Monday 6 December. This is the exciting culmination of more than two years’ hard work and planning, led by Dr Suzgo Kaunda and his team at MUBAS. It is another triumph for the facilitation of professional skills development and capacity-building towards enhancing clean energy access, and achieving SDG 7, in Africa!

“We have created history. We have more than 20 students that have registered [for the inaugural cohort of the new MSc programme]! The key success would be to ensure they graduate within 2 years, and perform research that positively impacts energy access in Malawi. We shall follow religiously the TEA-LP informed curriculum that we have developed – it is clear that our program will be successful!”

– Prof Suzgo Kaunda, Head of Mechanical Engineering at MUBAS

We can also announce that seven students have been awarded Liechtenstein REED / TEA-LP Scholarships to join the MUBAS programme, namely Michael Amos Banda, Safina Muhammad Abubakar, Innocent Makhalira, Elizabeth Banda, Maulidi Banda, George Alex Chatepa and Madalitso Lundu. We wish to congratulate these students on their scholarship award, and wish them all the best for their studies ahead.

MUBAS Scholarship Winners: Back row (L-R) George Chatepa, Madalitso Lundu, Amos Banda and Innocent Makhalira; Front row (L-R) Elizabeth Banda, Safina Abubakar and Professor Banda