Students at the University of Port Harcourt met and engaged virtually with the Rural Electrification Agency

24 February 2022

In many ways Covid-19 accelerated the transition to digital communication and education, and it is unlikely that we will ever return completely to the ‘business-as-it-were’ exclusive face-to-face engagements. This affords a wide new range of learning opportunities and engagements for students, for – even as we start to return to more normalised in-person interactions and classes – online events still continue to be a means of connecting with broader groups of stakeholders than was previously possible.

A great example of this was provided recently by our partners, the University of Port Harcourt (UniPort), who recently organised and facilitated an online question and discussion session for their MSc Energy Access students, with Dr. Sanusi Ohiare – the Executive Director of the Rural Electrification Agency of Nigeria. This provided a wonderful opportunity for students to benefit first-hand from the experience and knowledge of Dr. Ohiare, who has been working in sustainable energy and rural electrification for more than a decade.

Through this exposure, MSc students gain deeper insight into the ‘real-world’ challenges of rural electrification and energy access, going beyond technical theory learnt in class, and developing their professional skills and expertise in the process. As online teaching and learning becomes more and more ‘mainstream’, students will have further opportunities to engage with broader stakeholders from different backgrounds and contexts, all of which will serve to enhance their educational experience.