Successful international workshop at the University of Cape Town shapes Continued Professional Development Course on Integrated Energy Systems

By Nomanesi Makhonco, 17th October

The collaborative design workshop for a Continued Professional Development (CPD) course hosted by the University of Cape Town entitled “Integrated Energy Systems” was a big success.  The workshop, which ran from the 12th-15th June 2023, united four experts from various African nations, including Nigeria, Morocco, Ethiopia, and Kenya, to ensure a global perspective was incorporated into its design.

TEA-LP team alongside CPD course experts at the CPD course design workshop held in Cape Town. Source: Nomanesi Makhonco

The primary goal of the workshop was to develop a comprehensive CPD course that focuses on integrated energy systems. Its main aim: to equip professionals with the latest knowledge and skills to promote sustainable energy practices across various industries. The experts worked together closely to ensure that each course module was distinct, comprehensive, and avoiding overlap in content.

TEA LP’s Kai Forster presenting to the partners on the Vula platform, which is used for running the CPD course. Source: Nomanesi Makhonco

 The course modules, under the overarching theme of “Integrated Energy Systems,” were carefully structured to ensure a good flow of learning. Starting from the fundamentals and gradually advancing to more complex concepts, the modules were designed to build a solid foundation and equip participants with progressively specialised insights. The Course Development Guidelines served as a useful starting point in designing the framework for the course and ensured that the course would achieve its desired Learning Outcomes while teaching participants a range of practical hard and soft skills. The Course Development Guidelines also defined the various assessment strategies, learning activities, content expert responsibilities, and virtual design considerations that are characteristic of TEA-LP courses.

In addition to acquiring technical expertise, course participants will be exposed to soft skills such as effective communication, problem-solving, and adaptability, all skills that are essential for driving energy transitions worldwide. This comprehensive approach aims to prepare professionals to not only excel in their respective fields but also to be well-rounded and dynamic individuals in the workplace.

A key part of the workshop involved developing a robust assessment strategy for the CPD course. This strategy employed a range of evaluation techniques, such as short quizzes, written papers and practical exercises. This multifaceted approach ensured a thorough assessment of participants’ understanding and skills, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the course.

The success of the design workshop for the CPD course on Integrated Energy Systems illustrates the power of international collaboration and knowledge-sharing among peers. The TEA-LP hopes that the carefully designed course and its emphasis on development of a range of skills needed in the workplace can help transform the energy sector across the continent, in particular its ability to be driven by local actors. The course kick-started with a webinar held on the 10th of October 2023, this will be followed by an official launch on the 23rd October2023.

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