MSc Sustainable Energy and Energy Access


The proposed degree structure consists of a thesis and the following courses:

  • Fundamentals and Applications of Renewable Energy
  • Research Methods and Scientific Writing
  • Energy Markets, Policy ad Regulation
  • Solar Energy Technologies
  • Energy Project Management and Finance
  • Energy Entrepreneurship and Business Modelling
  • Bioenergy and Conversion Systems
  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation
  • Wind and Small Hydropower Systems
  • Energy Storage
  • Community Engagement
  • Analysis of Decentralised Energy Systems
  • Management for Energy Enterprises

Moi University, together with Kibabii University are developing a multidisciplinary 2 year degree focused on the energy access sector. The programme aims to address both technical and non-technical skills gaps in the decentralized renewable energy sub-sector.

The degree aims to give students a sound understanding of clean and sustainable energy technologies and systems, policies and regulations relevant to the sector, planning, management, economic analysis and life-cycle assessment of decentralized energy system projects; energy modelling and data analysis, business and entrepreneurial as well as softer skills.

The programme aims to develop linkages with industry, giving students exposure to, and opportunities to participate in real-life projects and gain hands-on experience.

This multidisciplinary programme is a collaboration between the Department of Energy Engineering, Department of Entrepreneurship and Project Management, Department of Community Development, Department of Biological Sciences.


This programme is still under development, we’ll keep you updated as it progresses. For more information about Moi University, visit