TEA-LP Technical Assistance Workshops

As part of the technical assistance provided to partner universities, the TEA-LP project team has delivered a number of workshops and webinars with partners, addressing specific elements of the curriculum design process.

In September, TEA-LP Coordinator, Guy Cunlife, held another of our general webinars for project partners on completing the TEA-LP Course Curriculum Template. This template, part of partner universities’ deliverables, provides a systematic way for partners to design and plan each of their courses.  The full curriculum template asks partners to develop all the teaching and learning activities that are associated with achieving the course and programme level Learning Outcomes. In most cases, this is also the moment where partner universities’ curriculum design teams begin to engage more directly with their teaching and lecturing colleagues, who also actively contribute to the pedagogical design of the courses they will ultimately teach.

In addition to the general webinar series, bilateral workshops also take place between the TEA-LP team and partners who may need guidance on specific aspects of their curricula. Two bilateral workshops were recently facilitated by Guy Cunliffe and Dr Mary Omingo, our Nairobi-based Education Specialist, to provide guidance to two of our partner universities. These workshops focussed specifically on integrating soft skill Learning Outcomes into the courses, and ensuring that these align at programme-level with the desired graduate outcomes. Soft skills such as teamwork, communications, self-management and critical-thinking emerged strongly out of the employer needs assessments in many countries. As such, embedding soft skills into the curriculum through teaching, learning and assessment activities is an important focus of the TEA-LP’s new curricula.

In addition to these, Dr Omingo has continued to provide invaluable one-on-one support to our partners, drawing on her wealth of experience in higher education pedagogy, ensuring that they develop SMARTTT (Speak to the learner, Measurable, Applicable, Realistic, Time-bound, Transparent and Transferable) Learning Outcomes.

TEA-LP Curriculum Smartt Learning Outcomes