TEA-LP produces guidance note on gender mainstreaming in higher education 

The TEA-LP research team, Whitney Pailman and Dr Jiska De Groot, have been working together with the partner universities to better understand the current state of, and opportunities for greater, gender mainstreaming in curricula and teaching practices. This has resulted in our recently published Guidance Note on Mainstreaming Gender Considerations into Energy Access Teaching Programmes.

Integrating a gender perspective into a programme can transform how energy access is taught and sensitise course conveners, lecturers and students to the gender-energy nexus and critical role of gender inclusion and equality in transforming energy access.

This Guidance Note aims to provide universities in Africa with examples and support to mainstream gender into post-graduate energy access programmes. In the context of the TEA-LP, gender mainstreaming is about equipping partner universities with positive gender practices and tools to create gender inclusive teaching and learning environments.

Throughout the programme development process, six opportunities, or ‘levers’, were identified through which gender inclusion and responsiveness can be integrated:

Gender mainstreaming

We encourage programme designers, course convenors and lecturers to reflect on each of these six levers, when designing and delivering their programmes. Embracing gender inclusivity in programme design and delivery can enhance the learning experience for all students and adapt teaching and learning to the skills and competencies required of young professionals entering the energy access sector.

Read and download the Guidance Note here.