SE4ALL Youth Summit

Lesotho to present at the SE4ALL Youth Summit

We are thrilled to announce that the National University of Lesotho have been invited to present their MSc Sustainable Energy at the SE4ALL Youth Summit.

This event acknowledges the critical role that youth will have to play in shaping the sustainable energy transition. It aims to

  • Educate youth on the scope and importance of SDG7 for global development
  • Connect youth across the globe to networks, academic and career opportunities in the energy sector
  • Inspire youth to actively participate in achieving SDG7 during the Decade of Action

Youth will have the opportunity to network with peers from around the world and interact with key figures from government, the UN, businesses and international organizations and with other inspirational speakers from the sustainable energy movement.

The National University of Lesotho, as part of the TEA-LP, is at the leading edge of African higher education in responding to the challenge of achieving SDG7. We are very excited on their behalf at this opportunity to showcase their programme.

The virtual summit will take place from 9 – 11 February, and you can find out more about the event and how to register here.