NUL awards best performer in MSc Sustainable Energy

NUL TEA-LP best performer award

The TEA-LP would like to congratulate Thato Rateele, a student at The National University of Lesotho’s Energy Research Centre, for winning the best performer award in his Solar PV. With the support of the TEA-LP, Mr Rateele was rewarded with M10,000.

The Vice Chancellor, Pro-Vice Chancellor (PVC) and the Registrar of the National University of Lesotho were in attendance to hand a certificate and cheque to Thato Rateele, the best performing student in the course. “I am extremely honoured to be the recipient of this award. I would like to express my sincere heartfelt gratitude to the NUL ERC for granting me an opportunity to be part of the grand MSc in Sustainable Energy programme. I am also thankful to TEA-LP for making this award possible. I owe immeasurable regards to my lecturers for their painstaking effort to enlighten me in the field of sustainable energy. My colleagues have given me continued support, let’s keep the spirit! NUL ERC has really been a home for me.  Thank you,” said Mr Rateele.

The PVC congratulated Mr Rateele and told all the students in attendance that performances such as the one from Mr Rateele make the University Management proud.