Empowering Tomorrow’s Energy Leaders: Inaugural Cohort of “Future Female Leaders in Energy” Programme Takes Flight

By Nomanesi Makhonco, 17th October

The “Future Female Leaders in Energy” programme, a collaborative initiative between the African Management Institute (AMI) and the Transforming Energy Learning Partnership (TEA-LP), has reached an important milestone as it welcomed its inaugural cohort of 33 exceptional women from 10 different countries. Commencing officially on August 7th, this innovative programme aims to empower and nurture a new generation of female leaders poised to shape the global energy landscape.

The 33 participants, coming from a variety of backgrounds and spanning the globe, are embarking on a transformative journey filled with the promise of inspiration, education, and meaningful change. Their presence in this pioneering cohort signifies the beginning of a concerted effort, enabled by the Transforming Energy Access Programme, to foster inclusivity and drive positive impact within the energy sector.

Image credit: Future Female Leaders in Energy Programme

The programme is committed to offering accessible, high-quality education to women at all stages of their careers in the energy sector. The “Future Female Leaders in Energy” programme strives to empower participants to take on leadership roles, leveraging their newfound expertise and confidence to effect change within their organisations and the broader industry. As this first cohort embarks on their exciting journey, preparations for the second cohort are already in progress, with a scheduled launch mid-October 2023. The programme’s continued growth and expansion are a testament to its vital mission and the undeniable potential of female leaders in the energy sector.

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