Strengthening Energy Education: Gulu University and CORE Team Up to Offer Mini-Grid Train-the-Trainer Workshop

By Nomanesi Makhonco, 19th October

Gulu University, in partnership with the Cornerstone Of Rural Electrification (CORE) and the Transforming Energy Access – Learning Partnership (TEA-LP), delivered a three-day training workshop to support the lecturers on their new MSc in Renewable Energy and Energy Access. The event, held from 21-23 March 2023, focused on mini-grid system design, and aimed to strengthen the university’s capacity to offer the TEA-LP-supported MSc in Renewable Energy and Energy Access. 

This intensive training prepared a diverse group of 12 participants, including students, lecturers, and teaching assistants from Gulu University to teach mini-grid network systems, which are an essential aspect of the energy landscape. 

What set this workshop apart was its tailored approach. Before the event, Gulu University’s trainees actively participated in shaping the content to meet their specific requirements, ensuring a personalised learning experience. This led to a specific focus in the workshop on; 1) Technical system design and software applications; 2) Site selection, procurement, and installation; and 3) Operation, maintenance, and monitoring.

During the training, participants examined both theory and practice. They had the unique opportunity to explore the university’s main grid system, applying their newfound knowledge to a real-world scenario. One participant shared,

“It was easy for me to appreciate the theory with the practical session. And it also enabled us to identify some of these facilities within the university that we had previously not leveraged.”

Dr. Emmanuel, one of the trainees enthusiastically stated that:

“The workshop has been really impactful. We have already started multiplying the impact by organising sessions for about 17 (additional) trainees. Our goal is to conduct at least one session every semester where trainers can pass on their skills.”

The ripple effect of mini-grid training such as these will help to further embed mini-grids in the electrification strategies of off-grid regions and build a pipeline of skilled experts to deliver on this promise. Graduates of the MSc in Renewable Energy and Energy Access will be well-equipped to help deliver this agenda. 

Stay tuned for more updates on Gulu University’s initiatives in renewable energy and sustainable development.