MSc Energy Access and Renewable Energy Technology


The 2 year programme consist of coursework, thesis and an internship. It comprises the following courses:

  • Energy Access and Energy Systems
  • Renewable Energy Fundamentals
  • Energy Policy and Regulations
  • ICT and Research Methods
  • Entrepreneurship and Management
  • Solar Energy Conversion
  • Bioenergy Conversion Technology
  • Hydropower Technology
  • Energy Systems Modelling
  • Design Project and Graduate Seminar

Uniport’s proposed MSc in Energy Access and Renewable Energy Technology embrace the concept of ‘transition engineering’ – innovating for the future.

The multidisciplinary programme aims to produce students  with the expertise to design and implement appropriate off-grid energy solutions for household and productive use, using appropriate renewable energy engineering knowledge.

The programme intends to create graduates capable of formulating energy policies, as well as developing and implementing energy projects that promote available, clean and affordable energy technologies to meet the skill gap in Nigeria’s energy access sector.

It intends to equip students with not only technical skills but also soft skills such as communication, problem solving, team work and research skills. A critical part of the programme is a student internship with local energy access organisations. This aims to expose students to the industry and real world problems, providing them with practical workplace experience as well as contribute to the development of soft skills.


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